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What’s heading our way, are we going to have “All American Season 3” or not?


“All American,” it’s all American Football as the story pays most of its attention on the life of Spencer James, who is the protagonist who has a massive passion for this game.

What’s the series is all about??

The series takes on the wonderful life of the young teen life of Spencer James, even though we are not sure if the series is taking a real account on the life of Spencer Paysinger, An American All-star football player.

There is no confirmation regarding that but in the upcoming seasons. Let’s try to dig a bit deeper about the whole series.

Where to watch the series??

According to its first two seasons, we can say that the upcoming season is going to be within 2020, but the real problem is that it’s going to be at CW at that time.

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And since Netflix was the platform where the show used to feature, including “Arrow,” “The Flash,” and “Riverdale.”

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So, We don’t have any idea when the upcoming season is going to be on CW, but one thing is for sure, It’s quite uncertain whether the upcoming season is going to come to Netflix or do we need some other subscriptions on other platforms.

The upcoming season has no trailer, which means we have to until September/October to make sure that the series is going to launch a trailer.

Other than that, the second season of the series is still on the run, which means we can’t say it for certain that who are staying for the third season and who are leaving for the season.

As per the story, the second season until now has shown us the life of Spencer is like a balance, one side he has his team Beverly High and other is South Crenshaw, so we have to wait which one he is going to choose and what will happen after he chooses the team. So, we have to wait for that.

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And also need to make sure that we hold ourselves together while the series is coming up with the third season till then enjoy the second.

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