Celebrities It looks like "Cobra Kai" Season 3 is on...

It looks like “Cobra Kai” Season 3 is on our way. Let’s check it out what’s really happening??.


A series like “Cobra Kai” is something to watch again and again as the series always took us back to the time when we were young, and stuff like Karate meant us to somehow a great deal as that was the time when we see “The Karate Kid.”

What to expect from the upcoming season


The movie had three parts, and we were more than just happy, but after all, the new movies which came in the franchise seemed to be not sufficient for its fans.

But, Thanks to YouTube that we are going to get the best out of it through ” Cobra Kai.” The series was an instant hit with more than 20 million viewers on YouTube Premium, and with that, all the fans living their era once again.

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The show is going to arrive by 2020 on YouTube, and it seems to come on spring as the previous seasons of “Cobra Kai” has followed the same tradition, so this one is not going to be any different.

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The series also didn’t release any trailer, but the creator of the show Jon Hurwitz has mentioned that the on social media that the show’s shoot is already on the go. The cast is going to be the same as season 2 with the expanded members who appeared in season 2 of “Cobra Kai” with that the trailer has just arrived, and it looks damn good.

What’s really coming our way


The story of season 3 as per the current scenario seems to be united for the greater good as the second season revealed an all-out war between the students of Miyagi-Do and the Cobra Kai and also the Amanda decides to put ban on the Daniel’s karate and also as senseis, they were failed to control their students.

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In a small way, there are a lot of things which the students of both dojos are going to learn along with their senseis. So, let’s see what awaits them in the future.

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