Celebrities The Dragon Prince season 4 confirmed? Know the plot...

The Dragon Prince season 4 confirmed? Know the plot and the release date for the next season.


In 2018 Netflix came with an animated series The Dragon Prince. The series gains a colossal fan base and is all set to come back with its season 4. Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond are creating its fourth season with high enthusiasm as the show is a real blockbuster.  The last season of The Dragon Prince came out in 2019, 22 November. It is one of the nice and exciting computer-animated series. It is majorly focussing on the journey of an animated character.

The series has a backdrop of the fantasy world and has a lot of light comic moments. The series is such a big hit that a video game has also been developed on the concept of the show.

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When Will The Dragon Prince Season 4 Be Released?

The official release date hasn’t been confirmed by the makers of Dragon Prince, but we have heard a lot of rumors about the release of the Netflix mega-series. The show is expected to be released sometime around May 2020, which is not too far from now. But, nothing official is announced yet.

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Who are the characters in The Dragon Prince?

Callum is the main character in the show. He is the first 14-year-old boy who is controlling primal magic.

Also a 15year old assassin Rayla. Tarzan is the 10-year-old son of King Harrow. Tarzan is gifted with a unique ability to speak with animals.


What about the plot and storyline of the Dragon Prince?

Humans, in the early days, used dark magic. Dark magic came at the cost of sacrificing the lives of other creatures. The humans were therefore separated, and the continent was divided by a river of lava. This is the central concept of the story. In the war between the dragons and humans, the heir eggs of the dragon are destroyed, but later from it, the prince is born.

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Expected Plot for Season 4:

The show is majorly focussing on the war zone of the humans and elves. The Dragon Prince is an inspiring show for the viewers. Also, it is quite meaningful and thoughtful with the plot.

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Raquel and Callum Romance is winning the hearts in the previous seasons as well. So, if you a romantic movie lover, it could worth your while. The two characters have great chemistry. Also, Season 4 can be focussing on transforming the world into a new one.

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