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Good Girls Season 4: Will the Girls be back? Know the release date of this new season


Suppose you’re watching a movie or series which is a comedy, would you expect to see any sort of crime in it as well? Or if the situation was reversed, would you expect to see comedy in a series or movie of the crime genre? Well, it is highly unlikely to find both of them in the same place. However, there is one series that experimented and included both crime and comedy in one package. Yes, it’s Good Girls.

Created by Jenna Bans, ‘Good Girls’ is an American drama that tries to enhance the genre of crime and comedy. It has a total of 2 seasons and 28 episodes while the third one is still running. It portrays the life of three moms and how they orchestrate a local grocery store heist to come out of their financial crisis.

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The first season had premiered on NBC on 26 February 2018 with ten episodes, while the second season released on 3 March 2019 with 13 episodes. The third season which is still running was released on 10 February 2020, and we can expect it to have 16 episodes in total.

Looking at the success of the show, we are hoping for a third season. Here’s what we know.

Release Date:

Even though the series has had an unbeaten run for two seasons while the third is going on, we have received no news for the release of a fourth season. There has been no official announcement of the same. But after looking at the success of the show, the fans are getting excited about its fourth season. So there is a chance of getting it. If we do have a fourth season, we expect that we will not be able to get any details about its release until 2021.


About the cast, the lead women of the show will remain the same. We can expect the following members to be back: Christina Hendrick to play the role of Elizabeth Boland (Beth), Retta as Ruby Hill (Beth’s best friend ), Whitman as Annie Mark (Beth’s younger sister), Manny Montana as Rio, James Lesure as Agent Jimmy Turner( FBI agent).


Since the third season itself has not finished, we cannot say anything about what will happen in the fourth season. All we can do is wait for the third season to end and the creator to reveal some news about the fourth season.

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