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Will there be a new season for Castlevania?? Catch the latest buzz regarding Season 4


Despite having a great hit, Netflix has not yet announced the fourth season for Castlevania. But anticipation for the new season does not less see the excitement of the fans. We can expect the fourth season installment from Netflix in no less time. Read more for the latest updates regarding the fourth season.

Expected Plot for Castlevania season 4

The finale of season 3 has provided a way for season 4. The death of the wife of Vampire Dracula causes him to take revenge from the people of Wallachia. He had taken the oath of punishing the people of Wallachia for their sins. After declaring this, he prepares an army of demons that creates chaos, thereby resulting in fear and distrust among the people in the country. Hunter Trevor Belmont decides to fight against the Vampire Dracula and his army with the help of the magician, Sypha Belnades. A war between Carmilla and the powers of Isaac can be seen. As Hector was caught in the last season, Carmilla’s dream for capturing Wallachia can be seen in the fourth installment. In further episodes, Carmilla can be seen developing her army’s strength.

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What’s the cast for Castlevania¬†season 4?

The cast will include as previous its beloved characters. Richard Armitage will be in the character of Trevor Belmont, James Callis, in the role of Adrian Tepes. Alejandro Reynoso will play Sypha Belnades’s role. Theo James will appear as Hector, Adehokumboh¬† McCormack, as Isaac. James Murray, in the character of Carmilla, Jessica Brown as Lenore, Yasmine Al Massri in the role of Morana, Bill Nighy as Saint-German. These characters were loved for their purposes in the previous seasons. However, there is a probability of coming back to the characters of Alucard’s mother and father. So, those roles can be played by Graham Mc Tavish and Emily Swallow, respectively.

The release date for Castlevania season 4

However, as per the sources, the production of season 4 can delay as the producer of the series, Adi Shankar is busy in another project. The season can appear in mid of 2021. There is no official confirmation regarding the same. However, there is probably a chance of coming off series next year.

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